Fault Injury Claim

Not all accidents result in legal claims. Some accidents do not result in injuries. In a personal injury case, you need to show that you were injured as a result of someone else’s negligence.

The compensation that you could recover includes lost wages, medical bills and compensation for pain and suffering

. Settlement Negotiation or Lawsuit?

Not all injury cases result in a lawsuit Nor do all injury cases go to trial. A great majority are settled with the defendant’s insurance company. In a settlement, an insurance company agrees to pay the injured victim compensation in exchange for the injured victim giving up any and all claims against the defendant and the defendant’s insurance company. This is called a release.


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Does the case involve bodily injury or death :

Injury Case Death Case 

Why type of injuries are sustained :

 Cuts and bruises Whiplash Broken Bones Lost Limb Spinal cord injury Paralysis Loss of life Stroke/Heart attack Brain Injury Electrocution

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